Photo taken during a WVI Team Content strategic planning trip in Seattle, US, 2019

Photo taken during setup of the Spring Charity Gala in Pune, India, 2019

Photo taken at a botany and bird banding seminar on Kangaroo Island during a People to People study abroad trip to Australia in 1992

Photo taken during a WVI Team Content strategic planning trip in Seattle, US, 2019


Micah Branaman, Founder and Principal of Makusudi Consulting, has a Master's degree in Human Rights & Social Justice and Global Studies from Southern Methodist University, a Bachelor's degree from Austin College, and 20 years' experience in US-based not-for-profits & corporations and international development agencies in project management, strategic communications and marketing, resource mobilization, and managing systems.

She began volunteering at the age of 10 at her local library's summer reading program and found many ways to continue her love for serving others. These ranged from providing math tutoring for elementary school students, leading children's church and youth group programs, and assisting with blood drives and various service activities in high school to raising awareness and funds to fight breast cancer and earthquake relief assistance in college. Post-graduation she sought out organizations whose missions she felt passionate about and used her skills to serve by fundraising, programmatic/event assistance, volunteer coordination, and board membership.

International travel and immersive study abroad opportunities introduced Micah to diverse cultures and experiences early and often in life, broadened her horizon past the bubble that threatens to envelop us all as we root ourselves within our communities, and provided the impetus for her transition into the international development sector.

Micah has spent her career focusing on education and human rights and looks to continue working and volunteering with like-minded organizations. Her experience spans a wide variety of agencies, including:

*African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries Sudan

*Church World Service / Resettlement Support Centre Africa

*Center for Survivors of Torture (North Texas)

*Dallas Children's Museum

*Family Legacy Missions International

*Junior League of Dallas

*Pune Charity Ball 2018 and 2019


*UNHCR (the United Nations Refugee Agency)

*World Vision International

*Amani ya Juu

*Catholic Charities of Dallas

*Collaborative Cash Delivery Network

*Dallas Museum of Nature and Science

*Greater Horn of Africa Rainwater Partnership

*Jumuia Foundation

*Kenya Rainwater Association

*Skillshare International

*Southern Methodist University

*Vega Schools

She began her career in nonprofit in 2000 with an internship evaluating business processes at a growing nonprofit and then returned after graduation to manage their gallery staff and volunteer progam and coordinate on- and off-site events and other projects. This role provided her valuable on-ground lessons in marketing, fundraising, and event planning. She then delved into the corporate world for two years, gaining priceless expertise in account and relationship management before returning to development where she quickly absorbed the ins and outs of endowment fund management and compliance and used her skills to expand the stewardship program.


During this time, Micah focused her studies on human rights & social justice, traveling abroad with several human rights courses to learn more about past and ongoing issues. After one such trip, she was offered an opportunity to move into a role that combined her fundraising and communication skills with her passion for people and human rights. In 2010, Micah made the move professionally into international consulting in  development with her first contract as the Communications & Resource Mobilization Director for African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries Sudan. This position increased her awareness of the international development community and inspired her to continue her career abroad. During her tenure she conducted research, identified perspective donors, established relationships with program partners in Juba and Yei, South Sudan focused on mobilizing local resources and combining programming efforts, and developed monitoring & evaluation metrics and an intranet reporting system to measure program success and ensure donor-dictated reporting guidelines were met.


Upon the conclusion of her contract, she decided to utilize the skillset she had honed working for US-based nonprofits to build the capacity of international non-governmental organizations and small businesses.

Micah's level of expertise, proven ability to work in diverse and under-resourced environments, and commitment to quality guarantees that your organization will receive the best possible service to develop and expand your business in the nonprofit and corporate arenas.