Makusudi provides one-on-one consulting and project management in an array of different arenas for corporate and nonprofit organizations, as well as individuals.



*Project proposals and concept notes


*Grant requests and supporting documentation


*Grant submission review


*Draft endowment & donor agreements


*Donor solicitations & fundraising appeals


*Relationship building and forging new partnerships


*Campaign development


*Product fundraising




*Monitoring & evaluation metrics


*Grant/endowment compliance


*Grant reporting


*Annual donor reports


*Donor stewardship plans


*Donor thank you notes



*Funding sources


*Potential prospects


*Local, regional, and international

partnership opportunities


*Regional needs and funding



*Project development


*Market research



*Creative solutions to organizational hurdles

*Strategic planning


*Community awareness campaigns


*Marketing campaigns


*Media kit and marketing materials creation


*Social media campaigns

Other Services



*Capacity building and skills development


*Training event planning & oversight


*Staff & event participant surveys


*Outcome measurements


*Community outreach


*Training materials


*Information and skills building sessions



*Action planning and hands-on assessments


*SWOT analysis, needs assessment, and planning tools


*Business process needs evaluation


*Business process redesign


*Staff & program participant surveys


*Program design and budget development



*Action plan development


*Action/issue plan tracking


*Vendor liaison


*Configurations & updates

*Assessments of status and any potential issues


*Systems testing and validation

*Review of system processes and optimization of workflow



*Action plan development & issue/action

plan tracking

*From concept to delivery project oversight

(photo shoots, content collection, publication

creation, printing, etc.)




*Governance documents and organizational bylaws & policies


*Board member agreements

*Endowment agreements


*Publication, newsletter, and brochure

design & creation




*Developmental and content editing




*Experienced with New Hart's Rules (Oxford style guide), MLA Handbook, The Chicago Manual of Style (Turabian style guide), and Harvard Style



*Social media strategies & best practices

*Create, update, and maintain social media accounts and marketing

*Work with staff and board to understand the vision and how to best portray the organization across the web (social media updates, website articles, and blog posts)

*Work with digital marketing team to define guidelines and meet organizational marketing needs with digital marketing / ad campaigns

*Website creation, design, and management

*Brand strategy development, management, and positioning

*Personal branding and self-packaging for social media

*Collect individual and family testimonies to prepare legal documents for immigration and review for discrepancies or potential issues



*Detailed coordination of events such as:

sales or business meetings, celebrations, charity events, and employee apprecation events


*Budget management


*Event timeline coordination & monitoring


*Event logistics coordination


*Management of talent, catering, speakers, vendors, and participants


*Promotional material edit or design


*Presentation preparation

*Extended community engagement

Resource mobilization

*International non-profit registration & IRS filing for 501(c)3 status

Each fee structure is agreed upon in writing before the project commences. Depending on the type of work, we work on an hourly rate (for editing), per word (for piecemeal content), monthly retainers, or fixed project rates.

We do not work on a percentage, commission, or contingency basis. Learn why here.

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